With the technological advances of this day and age, the opportunities abound. While each form of technology has its benefits, not each technology is suited toward the same business. Each business has its individual IT needs. We will take the time to assess your situation and help you come up with the right solutions for your technology needs. Working with you, we can come up with the perfect technology packages for your individual situation.

At Bridge Technologies and Solutions, we are fortunate to have a team of experts who can handle a variety of today’s leading technologies. We utilize our Global Development model so we can incorporate cost effective solutions that provide the desired results for our clients. When you work with us, you get superior results and the most for your IT budget.

With a blend of onshore and offshore Hybrid model we are able to offer solutions to a wide range of technological skills.

ERP – SAP/ Oracle

we assess your current environment and recommend the ERP solution that will fit your business. We work with in implementing the solution that is customer tailored to your needs.


Our BI practice can deliver customer solutions using the right tool that fit your need. We have expertise in OBIEE, ODI, Informatica, Teradata, Cognos, BO and Micro Strategy


Our experts can employ the full capability of .NET and Java, ensuring your business gets the assortment of services available without being restricted by time, place or device. Because of the power of these solutions, they can be used to create visually stunning user experiences that manage seamless and secure communication channels and create quality business process models. We work to maximize your results from these solutions so your business can benefit in every way possible.


We also specialize in customer relationship management (CRM) software services and have partnered with our clients to implement several CRM solutions.


With our team’s mobile solutions capability, organizations can virtualize, accelerate, and transform business with a comprehensive platform-based offering. They can build, deploy, and manage industry-specific mobile apps and analytics for the entire enterprise. They can also readily deploy and support apps to multiple devices.