Security Practice

Our IT security experts can help you come up with the right solutions to handle any security problems. We work with you to address issues before they happen, so you can get your day to day operations back to normal as quickly as possible. We are trained in all aspects of IT security, so we can handle any kind of security breach or scenario.

Breach Mitigation – Our plan encompasses more than just a method for promptly notifying the victims of a security breach event. Our breach notification process has a comprehensive information security plan that involves Risk assessment, Trigger events identification and mitigation plan. We investigate the cause for the breach, arrive at a solution and fix the problem. We then provide a detailed analysis on the damage caused and if it can be recovered, how to recover and advise on steps to avoid future breaches.

Discovery and Assessment – When it comes to finding the root of any security concerns and helping you come up with the best solution for the situations your business faces, you can rely on our experts to help you get the right solutions put in place. We fully assess the risks your IT systems are facing and how to avoid security breaches and damage.

Strategy Development – We can help you develop the right strategies to handle all of your security concerns and issues. Having proper security protocols in place is an essential step in ensuring data integrity. Having a plan in place and involving the experts at Bridge in this scenario will help reduce any impending risks and enable you to maximize your security standards. Security should be taken seriously in regards to your IT equipment, data and all transactions.

Governance, Risk and Compliance – To facilitate compliance with legal requirements, such as those specified in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) or occupational health and safety regulations we help you quickly adapt to changes in business, technology, and regulations – and ultimately strengthen your business. We help you make better business decisions by visualizing and predicting how risk may impact performance. By integrating key GRC activities into your existing business processes, you can reduce complexity and gain better insight – while protecting your company’s reputation and financial wellbeing.

Policy Development – We implement security policy related to Firewall, Network Security and Routers. Also involves User Policy that talk about user access rights and permissions to network locations, buildings, files etc… Bridge can easily implement security policies related to Firewall, network security and routers. We can also incorporate user policy that involves user access rights, permissions regarding network locations, buildings, files and more. You want to have policies in place that will protect your data, company and assets at maximum levels.

Emergency Response – In the event a breach occurs, you need help fast. We have an emergency response team to provide real-time onsite support in such situations. Our team will provide contractual technical support on an emergency basis—up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week—depending on the nature and urgency of your business need.

Data Analytics/Cloud Consulting – We understand the data that flows in your organization in order to decipher the information that truly counts, and arrive at the possibilities of big data analytics. Bridge can uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information that can be used to make better decisions. Our Data Scientist can analyze huge volumes of data that conventional analytics and business intelligence solutions can’t assimilate. We understand your business, environment and suggest you the right tool and solution

Data Discovery - When it comes to interactive reports and explorable data, we can help you with this mainstream architecture so you can have the right plan for your business. With data discovery, you can learn about things that otherwise were unnoticed, such as if a customer just made his or her first purchase from you or if there is a trend or purchase history you had otherwise not noticed. Big Data helps with short-term business plans as well as long-term planning. You get every bit of information that is available, including those tidbits you had not previously thought about or that may have gone unnoticed.

Identify Revenue Streams – Our team has experts who focus on identifying revenue streams so you can make the most of your opportunities and grow your business. Based on the data that we captured above, we study and analyze the data and come up with new revenue models that help with the client’s Profit and Loss and also adds new features to their offerings/functionality

Data Scientist Engineers We have a team of data scientists who can help you maximize your use of the information uncovered through Big Data. Using the data that has been captured, they can point out trends, help you with data driven decisions and enable you to continuously improve your product.