Security Consulting

With the number of cyber crimes continuously increasing, it is important to make sure you have the best protection in place for your IT equipment and solutions. Our IT security experts will completely evaluate your situation and help you select the right solutions for all of your IT security needs. We can help you get affordable security solutions in place to protect your business, data, finances and equipment.

Identity Access Management (IAM) We can help you protect your IT systems and programs by managing user identities and their related access permissions in an automated fashion so only authorized people access the right resources for the right reasons at necessary times with the framework that we built around your business processes.

AUP We can help you establish and enforce an Acceptable User Policy. AUPs are extremely important to have in this day and age. We can help you set the guidelines and requirements for using the network or Internet at your place of business. This policy can clearly define what is not acceptable by users of your network or website. We ensure the policy is clear and precise, indicating what will result from infractions. Detailed AUPs are necessary to help prevent you becoming liable in certain instances and greatly reduces the risk of legal action.

DLP When it comes to Data Loss Prevention (DLP), our experts will use the right products to write business rules to classify and protect confidential and critical information so that unauthorized end users cannot accidentally or maliciously share data whose disclosure could put the organization at risk. We can help you establish a DLP policy, select the right software and get everything incorporated into your operations. We work to help you keep your data protected.

T&V We can help you assess your threat and vulnerability (T&V) then help you implement and T&V management process so you can see your IT protected from all of the threats lurking out in the cyber world daily. Our team will aggregate critical information on current, new, and emerging threats to determine potential impact on IT environment for immediate remediation and ongoing security risk measurement. Our experts have successfully implemented this in Federal and commercial clients.

Pen Testing We have experts who can perform pen tests (Onshore and Offshore) to find any areas of security weakness so we can help you get your IT protected.Our customers can benefit from penetration testing so any issues can be caught early on and given the proper attention so you can maximize your results and improve your security level accordingly.

ER – The risk of a cyber-attack cannot be eliminated, even for the most security-savvy of organizations. Apart from the steps taken to prevent attacks, you must also be able to detect and quickly respond to security incidents. Our Emergency Response Team provide comprehensive range of Incident Response and Management capabilities to ensure that when an incident does occur, your organization experiences minimal loss and disruption. Our expert Incident Management Consultants help you prepare for, manage, respond to and recover from incidents quickly and effectively. Our ER team will handle issues remotely or onsite, dependent upon your location and needs.

BIA & Business Continuity Planning – We can help you determine the consequences your business would suffer from a disruption of function. We can then help you develop the right strategies to recover from such situations. We can also fully assess the impact your business has on the market and how you can maximize your results on all levels.

Data Migration – With a data migration project we can replace or upgrade servers or storage equipment’s for a website consolidation, to conduct server maintenance or to relocate a data center. We have experts that can also migrate AS400 systems from multi locations.