Outsourcing Services

We also offer an extensive line of outsourcing services, which also assist in the smooth operation of your business.

Hybrid Model –This Hybrid model is a blend of offshore developers, Bridge US Management and US Clients. With this model the client has the option to work only with folks in the US and not have any interaction with the offshore team. Our Hybrid Model is a blend of staff, including Bridge U.S. management team members, clients in the U.S. and offshore developers. You, as the client, can choose to either work with the staff here in the U.S. or you can choose to interact with the offshore team as well.

Offshore Development Model – We can distribute the work load between your location and our in-house team in Chennai, India, resulting in high quality results with a cost effective approach.

Contracting Consultants Offshore- When you want to hire a set of quality consultants that are dedicated to your company/product at low cost, you can contract our offshore consultants. This enables you to get the access you need to professionals who can help you through the various aspects of your projects.